Auto-lashing Valve Catch

Variable valve actuation systems require a method of controlling the valve velocity as it impacts the seat, this is known as a valve catch. By incorporating the capability of automatically adjusting the valvetrain lash, the valve will achieve consistent impact velocity independent of effects such as wear and thermal growth. JVS Engineering has developed several patented valve catch designs that include an auto-lashing function.

High-speed Solenoid

The High Speed Solenoid Valve has been developed for both high-flow and fast actuation to handle the response needs of today’s dynamic engine requirements. Designed for the life of the engine, it is the heart of the VVA system.


VVA systems that do not seat valves using cam ramps must use an alternate device. Our series of Valve Catches and Self Adjusting Valve Catch (SAVC) that accomplishes this critical function. These hydraulic valve seating dampers automatically adjusts lash to compensate for assembly tolerances, wear and thermal growth.

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