JVSE develops control systems that act on precise timing signals such as the cam-and crank-shafts by selecting microcontrollers that contain a second microprocessor specifically designed to handle high-speed timing signals—the eTPU (enhanced Time Processing Unit). This microprocessor executes timing-related code concurrently with the main controller code in the primary processor, meaning that timing signals are acted upon extremely quickly and without interrupting the primary application code.


Used where extensive logic functionality is required, JVSE designs Field Programmable Gate Arrays into products where they reduce the size and cost of the system circuitry and make the function of the system extremely flexible.


JVSE designs many microcontroller-based systems. Basing the design on system performance and cost requirements, Jacobs uses 8 bit microcontrollers for simpler systems up to powerful, state-of-the-art, 32 bit microcontrollers into its complex system designs.

Serial Data Communications

Serial data communications is in virtually every microcontroller-based system that JVSE designs. JVSE has experience in protocols including CAN, RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet, as well as data protocols such as J1939, CANOpen, Fieldbus, Profibus, MODBUS, DeviceNET, and others.

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