At JVS Engineering, we have developed a comprehensive suite of mechanisms to achieve desired motions. We tailor mechanisms for our customers that are capable of functioning in a variety of operating conditions and environments to consistently achieve synchronous motion. This experience in kinematics and dynamics has been leveraged in a variety of applications.

Controls and Electronics

Accompanying our experience in mechanisms is an expertise in controls and electronics. We use industry-standard design tools for schematic capture, PCB layout, and electronic testing. These, combined with our unique experiences, allow us to develop innovative devices that comply with industry standards for manufacturing and high reliability. Embedded software expertise enables us to “right-size” the micro-controllers for a specific, cost-effective solution, to solve the problem at hand.

Hydraulic systems

Fluid mechanics is more than something we know, it’s central to our engineering capabilities. We have developed many mechanisms that are hydraulically actuated. Our technologies, such as high-speed solenoid and valve catches, are used to consistently achieve precise mechanical motion against varying force using the power of hydraulics.

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