The most promising futures are built on the knowledge of the past and the possibilities of tomorrow.

Customers from across the globe turn to us for engineering expertise that helps solve business and market challenges. Our cross-functional team of engineering and manufacturing is dedicated to helping companies break new ground.

JVS Engineering is rooted in 50 years of Jacobs Vehicle Systems’ experience in cutting-edge engineering and manufacture-ready technologies. With awards under our belts and years of business experience to match, our work with clients results in high performing, reliable and innovative products.

Our technical expertise is equaled by our ability to adapt and evolve. The mission critical nature of our work together calls for a customized approach. We don’t rely on chance. We design an environment, a team and the processes that allow the best possible solution to emerge.

To find out how to collaborate with JVS Engineering, email us. Someone from our team will contact you to discuss your needs and how we can help.

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