Functional testing is implemented early in the development process to enable lessons to be fed back into the design with the extensive testing and prototyping facilities on-site at JVSE. This is followed up at project completion by verifying that the product achieves the targeted performance included in the specification.

Accelerated Life Testing

JVSE develops test plans based on critical failure modes identified in the design FMEA. The Design Validation Plan (DVP) of hardware and systems uses accelerated tests including the development of reliability models that minimize testing scope and duration. This approach enables rapid assessment of designs capable of achieving the specification.

Data Reduction and Analysis

We use highly scientific, custom designed and in-house developed technologies to record, reduce, organize and analyze many forms and variations of data. This is accomplished during the testing and qualification phase of all programs.

System and Software Verification

JVSE performs rigorous system and software verification— through test plans which begin during requirements acquisition, and implemented as unit testing proceeds. During the integration of software and hardware, regression tests (testing the entire system) are run after each significant hardware or software addition or change. The result is a system guaranteed to be of high quality and reliability.

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