Circuit Design

JVS Engineering designs and analyzes circuits using industry-standard tools such as OrCAD Capture and PCB Editor and methods such as FMEAs which are continuously reviewed for reliability, manufacturability, test, and cost. Capped off with extensive first-article test, the circuit design process leads to circuits that are both robust and cost-effective.

Concept Evaluation

JVS Engineering applies a systematic approach to design selection through the use of brainstorming and concept ranking. Ideas are ranked and weighted by a cross-functional group including development engineering, manufacturing, business, and marketing. Ranked solutions are then evaluated rapidly through design, simulation, and breadboard testing to provide early feedback on ranked concepts and finalize the best solution within the shortest possible time.

Design Cost Assessment

JVSE uses software to create virtual manufacturing processes and cells where we then evaluate the impact of design changes in development projects. Using this software, various scenarios can be developed and tested to assess the impact of design changes on cost and manufacturing line in a matter of minutes, versus hours or days using traditional trial and error. This enables our design teams to make informed decisions during our development process.

High Speed Hydraulic Simulation

JVS has experience in simulation of high-speed, high-pressure hydraulic systems, including the effects of oil aeration and compliance, leakage coupled with bore deflection, fluid line dynamics, check valve dynamics, and high-speed solenoid response time. Validated hydraulic simulation has been successfully applied to over 50 development programs which reduces development time while optimizing the solution.

Hydromechanical Cam Design

Based on years of experience in engine braking and hydraulic variable valve actuation systems, JVS Engineering has strong capabilities in the design of cam profiles for driving hydraulic systems, accounting for effects such as hydraulic compressibility, leakage, and refill. The cam design process developed over 50 years of experience incorporates dynamic system simulation and cam profile design analytical tools.

Software Design and Development

The processes with which a system is developed are directly related to the quality and reliability of the finished product. At JVS Engineering, we follow software design and development processes to ensure high quality and reliable products fulfill the specification. This is done through a rigorous design and model-driven development process which is validated throughout the implementation process.

Synergy Between VVA Controls and Mechanical Systems

Most companies have separate and autonomous teams for controls development and mechanical systems development. However, our nimble and efficient teams not only collaborate, but are highly integrated with each other to provide streamline, cohesive and innovative solutions to our customers’ problems and needs.

Valvetrain Simulation and Design

JVS has experience in valve-train design, including valve-trains containing hydraulic elements, multiple interacting rocker levers, or variable pivot points. Concept selection and design are driven by scoping calculations, quasi-dynamic analysis, and nonlinear dynamic simulation.

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