Prototyping and Development

We design the manufacturing process at the earliest stages of development using tools such as 3D printing and rapid prototyping. The use of a dedicated prototype manufacturing group allows us to go directly from CAD models to metal machining. Alpha sample parts can be delivered in a matter of days using dedicated production-like machines.

Testing and Validation

Our fully equipped lab allows us to quickly instrument, test, and validate individual components to full systems. By aligning our Design, Validation, Plan and Report (DVP&R) to the FMEA, we develop focused test plans to quickly validate the product. With onsite capabilities such as instrumentation, along with bench, hydraulic, and full system testing, results are available quickly to influence design iterations. This capability enables development of robust products.

Engineering Process

We have 50 years of developing, refining, and sustaining robust engineering processes and standards. With an embedded culture of continuous improvement we challenge ourselves to remain flexible and adapt to our customers’ needs. This ensures that the best practices are part of the engineering and delivery of your product.

Design and Analysis

As experienced manufacturers, we know the value of addressing manufacturing, quality, and cost early in the design stage. Our use of concurrent engineering practices and state of the art design and analysis tools avoids multiple prototype iterations and allows us to assess every part of the product. This approach allows a significant reduction in concept-to-production time and a better product.

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