Using his knowledge and experience of serving a global customer base, Yan Dong leads his team of Design and Analysis engineers to transform a customer’s concept into a fully-optimized, competitive product.  By driving the team to seek continuous improvement in their design and analysis processes, the team is able to meet technical challenges head on and deliver high quality solutions.

The team’s expertise ranged from mechanical, hydraulic, valvetrain, and kinematic design as well as performance, hydraulics, and CFD simulations.   This blend of knowledge allows the team to work together to bring novel solutions to the challenges facing customers.  Using a combination of software and tools such as Creo, PDMlink, ANSYS, GT Suite, and Matlab/Simulink, the team creates, tests, and validates designs to bring products to the market.

Yan and his team hold various advanced degrees including two PhDs, one MBA and two Masters of Science, Engineering.  Many innovations have come out of the Design and Analysis group and several of the team members have been granted patents for their work.