As a member of the Sales and Marketing team, Steve provides customer support for marketing and contract negotiation while ensuring customer service and satisfaction.  Steve has a background in engineering with more than 20 years of Technology Development and management experience.  This allows him to understand both the technical and commercial aspects of a program, as well as its value to the customer.

From the onset of a project, Steve and the team work with customers and engineers to better understand customer issues (both technical and commercial) and how they can work together to provide solutions.  As projects approach the launch stage, the marketing team is engaged with the customer’s marketing team to develop the launch plan.  This can range from supporting trade shows, jointly creating promotional and technical materials for customer documents, and generally ensuring a successful launch.

With a broad range of backgrounds, from engineering, marketing, manufacturing and finance, the sales and marketing team excels at understanding customer issues and helps to ensure that the team provides value-added solutions.


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