Working with a formal and practical knowledge of manufacturing, Steve Botellio manages a team of senior manufacturing engineers, technicians, and equipment designers skilled in the art of process development. The team is responsible for developing the standards for evaluating and crafting production processes as well as fabricating the hardware used in testing and qualifications.

Steve’s team provides concurrent manufacturing support through all phases of product development, driving designs to optimize solutions to complex manufacturing and design challenges. Using standards designed specifically for this purpose, products are designed with full consideration for manufacturing and operation’s needs. This starts with hands-on partnering with our designers as concepts are developed and evaluated. It then continues on through rapid prototype fabrication and testing, process development, equipment design and build, CNC programming, and culminates with the final launch to production.

Steve and the team have experience in a variety of manufacturing industries including aerospace and automotive with degrees in engineering, management, and business, including two MBAs. Having the know-how to develop and evaluate new products and processes coupled with the hands-on expertise allows the team to draw upon these resources, making them unique in this industry.