As a member of the Sales and Marketing team, Paul’s team provides support in the areas of Digital Marketing, Website creation and analytics, Market forecasting, Strategic Planning relative to market segmentation and Field Support  through customer service and technical support.  With more than 20 years of experience with Jacobs, Paul brings expertise in the areas Finance, Operations, Marketing and Management allowing him to understand the various functional aspects of the customer.

Paul and his team focus on creating an atmosphere in which our engineers can engage in conversation with our customers to solve problems. Recently, the team successfully developed and launched a new website to help extend Jacobs Vehicle Systems, in the eyes of our customers, as a global partner from the perspective of commercial, product support and technical problem solving expertise.  This starts with hands-on partnering with our engineers to create the proper messaging and content to drive those conversations.

Paul and the team have experience ranging from finance, marketing, operations and commercial.  This allows the team to understand customers’ issues to ensure they provide the necessary support and value-add solutions our customers come to expect of the team.