Known for taking a voice of the customer approach to product development, Neil leads a diverse team of sixteen engineers with skill sets ranging from project management, valve actuation design and extensive engine knowledge. As part of continuous improvement, Neil developed a comprehensive Product Development Process based on the APQP system.

Neil and his team focus on developing innovative solutions to meet customer requirements as well as provide designs that solve customer issues. Some of the teams’ innovative designs include HPD (High Power Density), 1.5 Stroke, RSD (Rocker Stop Device), Cylinder Deactivation, two position Miller and Lash Less overhead. His team has also helped to extend Jacobs Vehicle Systems’ involvement in emerging markets.  Currently the team is working on fourteen development programs in the China and India markets.

With advanced degrees that include two MME’s and one Professional engineer, his team brings over 125 years of experience in mechanical and hydraulic design. Neil’s team manages development programs for customers around the globe while continuing to focus on innovative solutions for new market challenges.