With over 20 years of experience, John Lester is seasoned in manufacturing operations, product support, research and development, and engineering as well as product management and business management.  Using his diverse experience, John leads a group of Design Engineers, Analysts and Technicians who create innovative product designs and provide the testing and validation required to bring them to market.  Along with his knowledge of products, designs, and methodologies, John drives his team to continuously improve methods and processes.

The three groups that John leads preform vital functions within the JVS Engineering team.  The Design Engineers are experienced in creating innovative mechanical and hydraulic design solutions while the Performance Analysts are skilled in simulating mechanical and hydraulic system performance and function.  The team’s highly-experienced Laboratory Technicians conduct functional, performance, and accelerated life testing as part of product development.

In addition to having hands-on experience, John and the Engineering Services team hold varying advanced degrees including two PhD’s and four Master’s degrees.  This broad range of expertise and education creates an atmosphere in which the teaming of design and the validation create robust solutions.


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